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Xterio Creator is a specialized initiative by Xterio aimed at fostering a thriving community of leading video content creators within the Xterio ecosystem. It's a unique opportunity for content creators to elevate their presence, engage with our platform, and explore exclusive opportunities.

  • Recognize and celebrate the talent and enthusiasm of video content creators within the Xterio community.

  • Strengthen the bonds between our Xterio games and passionate content creators.

  • Cultivate a collaborative environment among Xterio Create members, offering exclusive opportunities to engage across our ecosystem.

Perks for Creators As a participant in this program, you'll enjoy a range of exciting benefits during its initial phase, including:

  • $XTER token rewards

  • Access to select in-game items and perks.

  • Early access to beta playtests.

  • Promotion through official Xterio channels.

  • Exclusive Xterio Create badge (an on-chain, soulbound digital collectible).

  • Entry to a private creator channel in Xterio Partners Discord for networking with fellow creators.

  • And more!

Application Process: Ready to join Xterio Create? Complete the provided application form below. We'll thoroughly assess applications, considering factors like the quality of your content, engagement level, follower count, and experience. Just so you know, we'll review applications as needed, and immediate responses may not be expected. If you're a great fit for the program, we'll reach out to you later. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we build this vibrant community together!

Join Xterio and unlock exciting opportunities within the Xterio ecosystem! 🎮📹

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